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Signs are $15.95 each for quantities of 9 or less.

Buy 10 or more signs and pay only $13.95 per sign!

Would you like to be the team that no one wants to play? If so you've come to the right place. We can help your team exceed expectations.

Welcome to, the place where your team learns about personal responsibility, continual improvement and the importance of uniting around a common goal. It all begins with motivation. Getting your team to do what you want them to do is a must. Coaches who motivate their team win. Without passion you will not succeed no matter what else you possess.

Inspirational quotes and sayings offer a straightforward approach for communicating your goals, visions and expectations as well as a little dose of good old common sense. Take a few minutes and browse our list of valuable messages and imagine which ones will be most effective in motivating your team. In addition you have the flexibility to create a custom message that just fits your players and coaching style. Type in your message and send it to us. We will create a proof and email it to you for approval before printing.

Our 18" x 24" signs are made of durable corrugated plastic. They are lightweight, simple to hang, maintain and should last for years when used indoors.

The bottom line is that people become what they repeatedly do and see. Excellence then is not an act but a habit. Ordering is easy. We accept payments from individuals, schools and booster clubs. Make your team better today because good enough, isn't.